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What is it?

Tennis is an energetic, fun and inclusive sport. It’s a great way for players of all ages and abilities to meet new friends and keep healthy all year around.

There are multiple formats of the game, so whether you’re a seasoned regular or want to try it for the first time, there’s bound to be something to suit you. From Tennis Tuesdays for women, Cardio Tennis for fitness fans, or the more traditional game, the sport offers a rewarding experience. So pick up your racket today and #GoHitIt.

Why is it good for me?

  • Tennis gets the endorphins going, which can put a smile on your face
  • It improves fitness and skills such as speed, agility, balance and hand-eye coordination
  • Being on court provides a great way to catch up with friends or meet new ones
  • Tennis provides a great full-body workout contributing to a healthy lifestyle
  • It offers competition, however serious, for any age group

How much does it cost?

Tennis can be free! Great British Tennis Weekend offers you the opportunity to play for free on select weekends at hundreds of venues around the country.

Using a local park court can also be free, or if you want to hire a court at a club, it can cost between £5 and £10 per hour. Coaching sessions will vary depending on the club and coach.

What equipment do I need?

Whether trying the sport for a first time or blowing away the cobwebs and heading back to the courts you may need:

  • A racket
  • Comfortable sports trainers
  • Suitable clothing
  • Tennis balls (did you know you can get softer balls to aid learning?)

If you are booking a lesson at a local club with a coach for the first time they will be able to help with providing a racket and balls.