Playground routines

Be as happy and carefree as a child. British Bulldog, dodgeball even hide and Seek. Whether your child or adult, playground games are a fantastic way to get a total-body workout without even realising!

Why is it good for me?

It might come as a surprise, but the playground games of our childhood cover multiple fitness skills like speed, coordination and endurance, but be fun at the same time.

All that running around in the fresh air will also bring a host of benefits to your mental and physical health – you’ll have more energy, be less stressed and sleep better. If the kids are joining in they’ll reap the benefits too; plus you get to do something fun together as a family.

How much does it cost?

Potentially nothing – outdoors is free! Grab the kids and some friends and start playing.

What equipment do I need?

Very little – you might want to buy a ball if playing Dodgeball or a few cones to mark a ‘pitch’ for British Bulldog, but apart from that most of these games require is your body, the great outdoors and a good imagination.