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"I really want more girls to try kickboxing."

I have always struggled with being quite short-tempered, and so my parents thought it would be helpful to learn some discipline and find a sport where I could channel my temper. I quickly learnt that there were so many forms of kickboxing and that it was a sport that would allow me to express myself, taking part for fun, as well as competitively.

I was really young when I tried the kickboxing for the first time, so I wasn’t worried or scared. But, I can understand why other girls might be scared to try it. I’ve had my fair share of negative comments and judgemental looks, so I can see why some girls struggle to achieve their dreams in sport.

I really want more girls to try kickboxing so that the sport can continue to grow and be increasingly recognised for all genders.

Although I have taken a competitive route, I want to inspire girls to try kickboxing just for fun! It also teaches you a set of skills for self-defence, and makes you feel that you are in a safe place.

I am a very competitive person and winning two world championships (ISKA in Ukraine in the discipline of Muay Thai and the WKO in the UK at K1) made me so happy and makes me want to win more. This was great because I could do this with Emilia, who won a bronze medal and Sliver as well at the same competitions.

For me, one most of the best things about kickboxing has been making friends for life. One of these friends being my training partner, Emilia.

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