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"I have learnt that girls and boys really can achieve the same things."

I have always had a lot of energy, being constantly hyper, so when my mum came across a leaflet for Lions, Watford, she thought it’d be perfect for me. I went along for my first class and immediately fell in love with the sport.

Bullying was something I have been worried about throughout my journey as not many girls take part in the sport, however, through becoming so passionate about kickboxing, I have learnt that girls and boys really can achieve the same things.

Any preconceptions about kickboxing only being for boys was instantly abandoned once I discovered the flexibility of kickboxing and the passion I had grown for the sport.

I would really like to influence more girls in trying kickboxing, as not only is it fun, it allows you to learn how to defend yourself, become fitter and socialise with new types of people.

The sense of achievement I get after competing makes me feel so proud and gives me the drive to keep going.

I met Ellie when I started at Lions Watford about five years ago, and we immediately clicked, fast becoming good friends, another great reason to try a new sport.

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