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Active Minutes Challenge

What is it?

This Girl Can celebrates active women of all shapes, sizes, abilities and attitudes. It doesn’t matter how fast you run, how far you cycle or how expertly you shimmy. What matters is you’re getting active.

Fitness app Endomondo’s This Girl Can Active Minutes Challenge is a fitness app with a difference.

It’s not about league tables and leader boards and trying to be the best. It’s simply about keeping track of how many minutes you’ve been active for each week and, if you like, setting new targets or goals to help you do that little bit more. It’s fun, social and engaging and you can even connect with friends online to cheer each other on.

From running to rowing, archery to yoga, you can log any type of activity automatically (in the case of running, cycling and walking) or manually at the end of your workout. It just has to be at least 15 minutes long.

You can schedule sessions, create and share routes, set targets and goals to motivate yourself, and find out how you can easily count up your number of active minutes every week. And best of all, it’s free! Just download the Endomondo app from your App store and start counting those minutes.

You can download the app here