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What is it?

Archery involves the shooting of a bow and arrows at a target.

There are two types of Archery available, these being target and field.  Target archery is the kind of archery shot at the Olympics and Paralympics and is commonly the version most beginners learn. It can take place either indoors or outdoors with archers shooting a set number of arrows at targets which are set at distances from 10 to 90 metres.

Field archery is set up over woodland and rough terrain. Archers shoot at different targets in sequence and might have to shoot uphill or downhill. The targets are different sizes and at different distances, so anyone taking part has to really think about what they are doing!

Why is it good for me?

Archery offers many benefits, including:

  • Helps to build strength and co-ordination
  • Accessible to everyone
  • A sociable and positive diversion away from daily commitments

How much does it cost?

Completing a beginner’s course at a local club or leisure provider is the best way to begin archery. The price will depend on its format and location, so please enquire locally. The price usually includes all of the necessary equipment and instruction.

What equipment do I need?

New Starters will be provided equipment including a bow, arrows and arm guard.

As you progress you can often hire equipment from providers or buy your own.