Your Activities

What is it?

Football is the world’s most popular team sport and a great way of having fun and keeping fit with friends.
It can be played in different formats, from 5-a-side to futsal to 11-a-side – indoors and out. Beginners can also pick up some skills through Soccercise – The FA’s fun new exercise class using a football.
Whether an organised match or an impromptu kickabout, football is a game of teamwork and individual skills, offering a rewarding experience for all who participate!
Being part of a team is a great way of developing skills.

Why is it good for me?

  • Football is an aerobic sport, which will improve your heart and lung function
  • It helps control body fat and build up your energy
  • Muscles will stay toned, you’ll have more stamina and may well sleep better
  • Despite the game’s excitement, this aerobic exercise can also help reduce tension, anxiety and depression

How much does it cost?

A commercial provider will probably charge you about £6 a session. Clubs can range from free to £5 a session.
A kickabout in the park is absolutely free.

What equipment do I need?

A coach will tell you what to bring, but normal sportswear will be okay to start with. Teams may require team kit and proper football boots.
And jumpers for goalposts, of course!