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Group Fitness

What is it?

Group fitness or group exercise classes are an instructor led exercise session for two or more people, often involving music and equipment.

Group fitness has many activities that fall into it, all of which can be put into one of nine categories; dance, dance fitness, cardio, strength & conditioning, holistic (think stretching, strengthening, mindfulness and meditation) water workouts and multi-fitness (a combination of two or more categories together).

Why is it good for me?

Group fitness classes are a popular choice for people wanting to improve one or many aspects of their physical fitness. Whether you want to feel less puffed out or touch your toes, be able to lift more shopping or stand with better posture; there’s a class for any fitness goal.

A common reason why many people take part in group fitness classes is to lose weight and/or to make changes to their body shape. The class you choose to make this happen really depends on you, your preferences, your body, and your health.

In addition to the many physical benefits, group fitness classes are also great for meeting new people and are proven to have positive effects on your mental health. So, if you’re feeling rather stressed or not quite yourself, then a group fitness class could be just what you need.

How much does it cost?

Class fees usually start from £5, prices will vary depending on the style taught as well the location and specialism of the class.

For optimum improvements on your health, fitness and wellbeing it’s recommended you take part in regular group fitness classes. There are more cost effective options available whether you plan to attend a privately run class, in a town hall for example or at your local gym. These could be loyalty schemes (e.g. your 10th class free), referral incentives (e.g. refer a friend and get your next month free), and bulk buy options and memberships. Be sure to ask your instructor or centre about the best option for you.

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What equipment do I need?

Whilst many group fitness classes will require the use of equipment (e.g. weights, bands, exercise balls and mats), you don’t need to worry about bringing anything with you as it’s usually provided. All you need to do is wear some trainers that fit and support you well and comfortable clothing you can move in.