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What is it?

Sailing is one of the oldest sports there is, having been used for centuries as a method of transportation and travel.

From dinghy racing to yacht cruising, windsurfing and Olympic racing, sailing encompasses a huge range of disciplines and activities.

Why is it good for me?

Whether you’re ultra-competitive or just want to relax and unwind, sailing has something for everyone.

Sailing is both mentally and physically stimulating, the perfect way of combining intense cardio and clearing your head. You can hit the water with a group of friends or you can go solo and enjoy some tranquil time alone with just the sea for company.


How much does it cost?

With more than 1,500 sailing clubs and Recognised Training Centres worldwide, there are endless ways of getting involved in sailing.

Club memberships can start from as little as £35 per year for juniors and from £100 per years for adults.

Many clubs and centres also offer pay as you play deals, allowing you to get on the water with all the necessary equipment for just a few pounds a session.

What equipment do I need?

An active second-hand market means you can pick up a single-handed dinghy for just a few hundred pounds, whilst many sailing providers have their own boats and equipment you can use, often for free, when you’re just getting started.