School run

With so much to get organised in the morning, sometimes it’s just easier to pile them in the car and get going. But with some clever planning and a few accessories you can turn the school run into family fitness time, and have fun along the way.  

Ditch the car for one of these school run alternatives – you’ll all get your daily exercise, a good dose of fresh air, and help the environment too (with no more getting stuck in traffic or wrestling for that parking space!).

As well as simply walking together to the school gates there are lots of fun ways you can make the journey fun for all of you.

  • Run while they ride – jog alongside them as they ride their bikes or scooters to school.
  • Power walk race – see who can walk the fastest and turn the school run into a competition to race your child to the gates.
  • On your bike! – if you’ve got cycle lanes and quiet roads en route why not enjoy a family bike ride together? Cycling is a fantastic way to commute to both school and work – start them early to build healthy habits!
  • Walking games – make the walk more engaging by playing ‘I Spy’ or other fun games along the way.

Why is it good for me?

Walking, running, scooting or cycling the school run is the perfect way to get active as a family without having to find any extra time either side of your busy day.

Not only will the kids arrive to school more awake and full of energy, you’ll start your day the same way too, and exercising on the way home is a great way to wind down and reconnect as a family.

How much does it cost?

The cost can vary depending on how you choose to travel.

If you ride, there’ll be the initial cost of the bike or scooter and helmets, but then you’ll be able to enjoy both activities as a family free of charge when it suits you.

What equipment do I need?

  •      A bike or scooter
  •      Hemet
  •      Suitable clothing for wet and cold weather
  •      Reflective clothing and lights for riding in the dark