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What is it?

Snowboarding is an exciting sport that involves descending a snow-covered slope with a snowboard attached to a rider’s feet. In England where snow maybe limited there are dedicated artificial slopes where the sport can be taken part in all year round. The sport has its roots in surfing and skateboarding and like those sports, snowboarding is a culture and lifestyle sport as much as a competitive sport.

Most people snowboard just for the thrill of it but for those with a competitive streak, Snowboarding is now one of the most popular Olympic disciplines with medals available in halfpipe, slopestyle, snowboard cross, parallel giant slalom racing and parallel slalom racing. ‘Big Air’ is another Olympic discipline that is new into the Olympics for 2018.

Why is it good for me?

Some of the key benefits of snowboarding include:
• Develops co-ordination and balance
• Aerobic and cardiovascular workout
• Develops strength and agility

How much does it cost?

As a beginner, you will need to start off with some lessons. The cost of these vary from facility to facility but normally cover everything you need to take part, equipment (the board and boots), slope entry fees, instruction and if applicable the hire of specialist clothing. Prices depend on the slope you go to but some start from £30 for 6 hours of instruction.

If you already meet the minimum skill level to safely take part then you can just take up and head out on the slope. Again the cost does vary depending on the facility you attend. Slope passes can start from as little as £5.

Information on opportunities to get involved included cost can be found on the GO SKI GO BOARD and for female only please visit

What equipment do I need?

All essential equipment, such as a snowboard, boots and specialist clothing can be hired wherever you choose to give it a go. You will however need to wear the following:
• Robust pair of trousers
• A long sleeved top, if attending an indoor snow facilities a warm jumper is recommended
• Gloves

If you should chose to buy your own specialist clothing your local snowsports retailer should be able to provide you with any extra information and advice you may need on what to buy. But remember it is not necessary for your first time as you can hire specialist clothing at facilities where you need to wear it