Stair workouts

Another ‘hidden’ piece of fitness equipment you probably have in your own home or nearby public space – the stairs.

Whether you walk, run or jump your way to the top, you’d be surprised at just how effective stair workouts can be. They quickly get your heart pumping so are great for building cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength – and are a functional movement that we use in everyday life too!  

Climbing stairs, like most jumping exercises, is known as a ‘plyometric’ exercise. This means it fires up the large muscles in your legs – glutes, quadriceps and calves – in fast, explosive movements. Strong muscles in the legs, bum and hip area are essential for all sorts of activities from walking to running and cycling, so the benefits of stair workouts can be felt in multiple ways.

If you haven’t used stairs in your workouts before, it’s important to build a solid foundation to get used to the movement, coordination and balance.

Try these fun exercise variations to get the blood pumping:

  •      Walk up and down the stairs three to five times at a moderate to fast pace. Take a break when you need to, and repeat three times (or more if you want!)
  •      Jump or hop on each step to the top, and walk back down. If you hop, change legs on the next ascent.
  •      Run up the stairs as fast as you can, and walk back down. Repeat three to five times (or more if you want to!)
  •      Miss a step and take a wider stance to the top, before walking back down.

Why is it good for me?

Studies have shown that walking up stairs at a moderate pace can be just as effective as running on the flat, and two to three times more effective than walking briskly on level ground.

Whatever pace you do it, adding stairs into your fitness routine is a really efficient way to increase cardiovascular fitness, heart and lung health, as well as improving balance, power and agility.

How much does it cost?

If you’ve got stairs in your home or at a nearby public place – nothing!

What equipment do I need?

Only yourself and a set of stairs!