Your Activities

What is it?

Swimming is a recreational activity enjoyed by many people either in open water, leisure clubs or public swimming baths. Open water swimming takes place in outdoor bodies of water such as the open sea, bays, lakes, rivers, canals and reservoirs.

Related water sports and activities include: water polo, diving, octopush, synchronised swimming and lifesaving.

Why is it good for me?

  • Swimming is a low impact exercise, but will work almost every muscle in your body without putting your joints under stress
  • It is an excellent all-round activity which will give a wide range of health benefits
  • A great form of physical rehabilitation


How much does it cost?

A typical public swimming baths swim session will cost less than £5. The costs of swimming lessons vary widely depending on your requirements. Intensive one-to-one sessions will be more expensive. If you join a fitness or leisure club with a pool attached you will have to pay an annual or monthly subscription. Swimming clubs, offering coaching and competition have an annual membership fee, as well as coaching fees and a standard membership of the ASA, the sport’s national governing body.

What equipment do I need?

  • A swimsuit or swimming trunks or shorts are essential!
  • You might also want to invest in swimming goggles, a swim hat or ear plugs