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What is it?

With an estimated 60 million regular practitioners, Taekwondo is arguably the most popular of all martial arts and can be practiced as both an art form and a combat sport. The art form is centered on moves, steps and shapes which represent fighting situations, but has no confrontational element. As a combat sport, Taekwondo is more formal and features rules and point-scoring methods.

Why is it good for me?

As an all-over body workout, Taekwondo has much to commend it. Some of the key fitness benefits are as follows:

  • Increased strength
  • Better muscle tone
  • Safe and easy stretching techniques enhance flexibility
  • Breathing and concentration exercises lead to sharper reflexes and senses

How much does it cost?

This will depend on your local taekwondo club or school – but most run ‘taster’ sessions where they will supply you with the necessary clothing and are often free. After that, you will probably pay a fee per session, typically starting around £5.

What equipment do I need?

If you are attending a ‘taster’ session, the club may provide you with protective equipment free of charge.

Loose sportswear, such as jogging bottoms and sweatshirt should be fine for a beginner.