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What is it?

Wakeboarding is a combination of water skiing and surfing that can be done either behind a boat or by being pulled along on a cable or winch. In contrast to water skiing, the idea of wakeboarding is to get airborne and perform tricks. When behind a boat this is done by riding at speed over the wake that is generated by the boat (thus the name wakeboarding).

If you don’t live near the sea then there are many lakes located around the country where you can wakeboard by being pulled along by a cable.

Why is it good for me?

Wakeboarding is an excellent all-round body workout, but some of the specific benefits include:

  • Improved muscle toning
  • Calorie burning for weight loss/control
  • Swimming to and from your boat or the shore has many low-impact exercise benefits

How much does it cost?

Because all Sportivate (Sport England), On the Edge and Cutting Edge (British Water Ski and Wakeboard) programmes are funded, they can cost from as little as £10 per session, with all of your equipment provided for you.
If you aren’t participating in one of the courses, costs can vary between wakeboarding on a cable or behind a boat. Typically when wakeboarding on a cable prices start at £19 for an hour session with the wakeboard (£9), wetsuit (£3), buoyancy aid (£1) and helmet (£1) being added extras. Some venues will do an “all included” price which normally works out to be slightly cheaper at around £28.

It can be expected that lessons behind a boat will be more expensive due to the added cost of fuel which is needed to run the boat. In addition to this sessions behind a boat, which are normally done at sea or in an estuary, are far more weather dependent due to the more exposed circumstances, meaning that conditions can be harder to learn in or the lesson may be cancelled.

What equipment do I need?

All equipment will be included on any Sportivate or On the Edge course, however this is the equipment that will be used on the day:

  • Wetsuit
  • Buoyancy aid
  • Ski hire
  • Helmet