"Do not allow one medical condition to stop you achieving your dreams or enjoying the sport of your choice."


"It’s about having great fun but also challenging yourself, falling and getting straight back up."


"The feeling of catching your very first wave is indescribable."


"Swimming has given me so much. I feel much fitter, so much better and so much more confident."


"I was so pleased and surprised to be cycling that I didn’t mind the stares. So what? I was cycling!"


"Life is no longer about what I think I can’t do, it’s now about believing that I can."


“Getting out and doing exercise is now an integral part of how I manage my depression.”


When I started out climbing, I was really unsure of my abilities. But I surprised myself by discovering that I was really good at it.

Masha Gordon

I learnt so much about myself: I can run, I am flexible, I can do the splits and boy can I punch


Encouraging a teenage girl to have the confidence to participate in sport is not easy, convincing myself that I can do it has been even harder.


The encouragement from my entire group got me out of bed every Saturday morning

Rookie Runners

There really is nothing to lose from trying something new


I've learnt from this experience that sport can play such a big role in giving people confidence if they are suffering from physical or mental issues

Becky Horsbrugh

Taking up running has done a lot for my confidence, wellbeing and my peace of mind.

Ella Masters

Back on a bike after 10 years and feel better than ever.

Hayley Keaveney

I’ve pushed past my fears with #ThisGirlCan

Kylie Nicole

I am an awesome swimmer.


It’s just me, my feet and the road.

Sarah Marsden

I began to see the strong woman that I could become.

Sophie Green

Running has honestly saved my life.

Megan Key

Getting in the pool after a long day really pays off for both body and mind

Alice Brazier