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Nearly half of women concerned about showing their body when getting active

18th July 2023

The new survey is accompanied by tips and stories designed to inspire women to get active on their own terms this summer.

Almost half of women are worried showing their body while being active this summer, according to a new survey published today.

The study of more than 1,000 women showed that 45% are concerned about their body, with 48% admitting to concerns about being too unfit.

That’s why we’ve launched Make Your Summer Move, with tips and stories to help inspire women to get active in a way that suits them.

Women stretch before going for a run

Added to the launch of our range of activewear, made in collaboration with Tesco’s in-house brand F&F, we’re hoping to break down the barriers to getting active women experience when the mercury rises.

Our director of marketing Kate Dale hopes women can find the inspiration they need to Make Your Summer Move.

“From jogs with friends over a catch-up to solo strolls or family bike rides, summer is a brilliant time to reap the benefits of moving your body while enjoying the great outdoors,” she said.

“Since This Girl Can was born in 2015, we’ve been helping women to battle the deep-rooted fear of judgement.

“While we’ve made significant strides, it’s an ongoing fight. We exist to support women in overcoming these types of emotional barriers, so they can enjoy getting active the way they deserve.

“This is our reminder to women – of all shapes, sizes, ability and age – that nothing should hold us back from enjoying getting active this summer.

“Our new activewear range carries the powerful This Girl Can logo.

“We hope this empowers more women to get active and reminds them that sweat, menopause or periods shouldn’t hold them back; they absolutely can make the most of the summer.”

The new Make Your Summer Move page includes inspiring stories from women about how they get active in ways that work for them, as well as examples of organisations who are helping women get active outdoors.

And with almost half (48%) being worried they felt too unfit, two in five (40%) anxious about being good enough and a third (33%) admitting to concerns about getting sweaty, we can see the need to continue our efforts to break down the barriers caused by these fears and close the ‘enjoyment gap’.

From jogs with friends over a catch-up to solo strolls or family bike rides, summer is a brilliant time to reap the benefits of moving your body while enjoying the great outdoors.

Kate Dale

This Girl Can director of marketing

We’ve also spoken to psychotherapist Cate Campbell and she’s produced a set of top tips designed to help women get active this summer.

They are:

  • challenge your inner critic
  • get experimental
  • fight the fear of judgement
  • move for you, and benefit those around you.

So, however women choose to get active this summer, our message is to remember that you’re doing it for the way it makes you feel – just like Sarah, who after years of battling an unhealthy relationship with food and exercise, took up paddle boarding during the pandemic and hasn’t looked back.

“Picking up paddle boarding has changed my life,” she said.

“I move for my mental health. For the first time in my life, I am enjoying movement for the way it makes me feel strong and capable, rather than the number of calories that it burns.”