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Let's Get Out There

Let’s Get Out There has been designed with the aim of getting more women active outdoors.

This Girl Can is on a new mission to show that natural environments, from urban parks and canals, to coastal paths and forests, are for all women – so join us in promoting the benefits of getting active outdoors as we launch 'Let's Get Out There' on Thursday 9 May.   

We want women to enjoy the many physical and mental health benefits to be gained from spending time in green and blue spaces.

To help do this we've developed a series of assets including editable posters, social media assets and a bank of images, all featuring women getting active in their own way, outdoors.  

This is because research has shown that women, and particularly those from culturally-diverse backgrounds, have greater barriers to accessing and enjoying outdoor spaces.

But our aim is for women to think of nature and outdoor spaces as places to enjoy and improve their physical health and overall wellbeing.

Whether it's practising yoga, running, wheeling, cycling or simply walking, striding or strolling, we want women and girls to enjoy and make the most of the great outdoors.

a group of women push their bikes as they walk through a path in the forest

In addition to our Let’s Get Out There campaign, we’ll also be supporting other groups and organisations that offer and promote experiences for women in natural environments.

A big thank you to Forestry England, Canal & River Trust and Ordnance Survey for their support in developing the Let’s Get Out There campaign.

We're also grateful to have the guidance of the Countryside Code, which has been designed to enjoy safe trips to the outdoors.

And last, but not least, we'd like to thank the individuals and community groups that appear in the campaign imagery.

Asset library

Below you'll find a series of assets to help you promote Let's Get Out There, which include an image bank, social media assets and a collection of editable assets.

The editable assets will help you create more bespoke materials to better address your audience, allowing you to consider the sport or physical activity they do, as well as the local area.

Image Bank

We've prepared a selection of pictures of amazing women being active outdoors.

Download the image bank

Social media assets

Two women walk by the river with the text Let's Get rambling written on the image. Canal 9x16 multi rambling roaming Download the file - 10.67 MB
A woman cycles through a forest and the word rolling appears on top of the image several times Forest 9x16 Multi Rolling Strolling Download the file - 11.18 MB
Three women stride through a forest and the words let's get striding appear in white on the image Forest 9x16 Multi Striding Gliding Download the file - 11.28 MB

Editable assets

Two women wearing cycling helmets high-five outdoors Let's Get Out There - Editable Assets Download the file - 17.49 MB