Dragon Boat Racing

Dragon Boat Racing is one of the most exciting, competitive team sports you can take part in on water. It is a totally inclusive team sport and features Mixed gender, Adaptive, Breast Cancer survivors, Ladies and Open crews all competing against one another.


The Dragon Boat is deeply embedded in China’s ‘Dragon’ culture, with each Boat having an ornately carved dragon’s head at the Bow and a tail in the Stern with the paddles symbolically representing the claws. In sport racing there are generally 18-20 paddlers per Standard size Dragon Boat and 8-10 paddlers in the Small Boat, plus a drummer and a helm (Steerer).

The races are a colourful spectacle, with at least two boats competing against each other over distances from 200 to 2000 metres and above. Not only are strength, endurance and skill important but teamwork and harmony of purpose.

Why is it good for me?

Dragon boating has a variety of benefits from social inclusion, physical fitness and mental wellbeing.

Dragon boating is open to all fitness levels and can help you to gradually increase your fitness. It is a whole body workout which is can improve cardiovascular fitness, endurance, stamina and coordination. Dragonboating also provides an opportunity for a diverse range of people to get to know other like minded people in their community.

Over the past 15 years, Dragon Boat Racing has become extremely popular among Breast Cancer Survivors due to its proven physical benefits. It is an invaluable part of the recovery process.

How much does it cost?

Teams around the country charge different fees depending on your age and membership level.

What equipment do I need?

Gym clothing / waterproof clothing for your first few sessions.

Clubs have equipment such as paddles that you can borrow.