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Juggling life

Life often has a habit of getting in the way - particularly when it comes to exercise.

We know that 31% and 28% of women respectively say that not having enough time, or having other commitments, makes it difficult for them to increase the amount of physical activity and exercise they do.

Whether it's work, family life, or something unexpected, we're often left feeling like we should be doing something else instead of getting active.

But we’re here to tell you it’s ok for you to prioritise yourself!

If you’re juggling a lot, you might need some extra help and support to find ways to be active that work for you so we’ve put together our top tips and helpful links to get you some ‘me’ time.

Two women stretch in a park, while leaning on push chairs

Top tips

  • Get organised – if you’re juggling a lot of things, you might find planning ahead a useful way to make sure you find time.
  • If you’re juggling childcare, look for classes or facilities that offer a creche.
  • Small victories still count! Even if you only manage 15 minutes while your baby is napping – it’s all worth celebrating.
  • It’s your time, so make the most of it. Relax and unwind from the stresses of your busy day. Some might find yoga relaxing, but others might find a rigorous HIIT session is exactly what they need to destress! It’s all a what works for you.
  • Look for memberships that give you the flexibility to get active at a time that suits you.
  • Getting active at home or joining an online class might be just the answer – less stress, no travel and tea breaks whenever you need!

Hear from others

We've heard from lots of women, just like you, who have overcome barriers and found a way to be active that works for them.

Pre- and post-natal home exercise

We know that getting active while pregnant or as a new mum might feel harder than ever to fit in. So we’ve supported Couch to Fitness to develop their free home workout programme to create tailor-made programmes to support women to be active during these major life stages, and ensured the programmes have all been endorsed by experts including the Active Pregnancy Foundation.

Couch to Fitness

A pregnant woman works out at home using an online class.
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Through our social media channels we regularly share stories, tips and motivations from our community, all designed to support women to be more active and to feel more confident while doing it.

Join the conversation to hear from women with real stories like yours and celebrating all women getting active on their own terms.

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