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Overcoming nervousness

Taking that first step can feel really challenging, especially if you’re worried about what you look like or not being able to keep up.

But we all get nervous from time to time. It’s completely normal.

In fact, 42% of women we spoke to told us that they worry about being judged while exercising, so you’re definitely not alone in your concerns. But don’t let them stop you from getting active!

We are all about supporting women in our community tackle the fear of judgement and get active in a way that works for them so read on for our top tips and helpful links to wave goodbye to beginner’s nerves.

A nervous-looking woman stretches in an exercise class

Top tips

  • Don’t worry about getting it right – just enjoy yourself.
  • Take your time – move at your own pace.
  • Find places to exercise that put you at ease.
  • It’s ok to have a few ‘wobbles’ – we all have them.
  • If buying a new kit gives you a boost, go for it!

Hear from others

We've heard from lots of women, just like you, who have overcome barriers and found a way to be active that works for them.

Couch to Fitness

Getting active from the comfort of our own home could be a great place to start if the thought of a crowd makes you start to sweat before you’ve even started!

Couch to Fitness is a free home workout programme developed in partnership with This Girl Can to support women like you to get active easily.

No equipment, no fuss, no contracts - no problem!

Find out more

A pregnant woman works out at home using an online class.
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Through our social media channels we regularly share stories, tips and motivations from our community, all designed to support women to be more active and to feel more confident while doing it.

Join the conversation to hear from women with real stories like yours and celebrating all women getting active on their own terms.

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