Exercising with your child

There are ways to get active and involve your children too! We asked parents for their top tips for keeping the kids entertained, active and having fun. Most importantly, these are things you can do to get active together.

  • Challenge your child to make the longest bubble snake
  • Encourage them to put on a show (with dance routines!). This could be a great way to get together with other local mums who are also looking to keep their little ones busy
  • Add a run into your routine, could you run to the pool, school, or shops?
  • Create an assault course in the garden or local park using everyday items like books to jump over or the laundry basket to throw stuff into
  • Make the most of local parks. You don’t have to stick to the play apparatus – go bug hunting or see who can identify the most types of trees, and don’t forget to include your pets
  • Have a go at Cosmic Kids yoga with some free YouTube videos
  • Find your local Junior Parkrun, a series of 2k events for children aged between 4 and 14.
  • Walk with purpose – try giving your kids a basket to collect things as they walk like pinecones or leaves and use them for an arts and crafts activity when you get home
  • Get some help around the house. Can you get your child to help with cleaning or gardening? You could always tempt them with an activity of their choice as a reward for helping out
  • Most kids love tech – why not find something that gives them a technology fix while getting active, like a dance off?
  • Invest in an Aerobee (new type of frisbee). It costs around £10 but could provide hours of fun!
  • Fly a kite with The Kite Society of Great Britain
  • Ask your child what they would like to do. Can they invent their own game or sport? Get their creative juices flowing, and your heart rate pumping.

Why is it good for me?

We know that children with active mothers are more likely to be active children, than children with inactive mothers. Being active can also help with concentration, improving memory and social integration. If you are active, you are less likely to show symptoms or depression and less likely to suffer from obesity related illnesses as an adult (such as diabetes or heart disease).

We spoke to mothers and their daughters about the benefits of exercising together. They said:

  • You get to know each other on a different level
  • My mum motivated me a lot
  • Start them off early and then they won’t see exercise as a chose, but just a way of life
  • My daughter comes for walks with me, this is when we do our more in-depth conversations

How much does it cost?

Lots of these activities are free!

What equipment do I need?

Get creative with things you have around the house or in your local area.