This Girl Can Classes

Where getting it wrong is totally alright


Looking to start exercising but not sure where to begin? Nervous about trying something new?

This Girl Can Classes provide a welcoming beginner’s programme where getting it wrong is totally alright. If you’ve got two left feet or have never done a push up in your life, then these classes are for you.

The 45 minute classes are designed specifically for those looking to get into exercise for the first time, or after a break. You’ll be guided by an instructor through two blocks of exercise with an interval in between. Each main block of activity will be different each week, giving you a taster of different exercise class styles.

Why is it good for me?

The classes are a great way to get moving, supporting you to build your confidence and fitness levels, hopefully whilst having fun! They will give you the confidence to try new moves, understand different fitness class options, and even make new friends.

How much does it cost?

Most classes cost between £4-8 per session, depending on where they’re taking place

What equipment do I need?

All equipment will be provided for you. As long as you bring yourself, your trainers, comfortable clothing and a bottle of water you’ll be good to go!