Wheelchair Tennis

Whether you’re playing recreationally, or to satisfy your competitive streak by entering any number of tournaments around the country, wheelchair tennis is fast, exciting, and fun!

The sport integrates well with the non-disabled game, meaning it can be played on a standard tennis court with no modifications.

Players are allowed two bounces of the ball and can easily play against other wheelchair players as well as alongside or against non-disabled friends and family.

Why is it good for me?

Wheelchair tennis is a great cardiovascular work out and can help to improve your upper body strength. It’s also a brilliant way to meet new people, or spend time with friends and family.

How much does it cost?

You can get started for your first few sessions in a day chair, but you will find that movement around the court improves with the use of a tennis chair.

These can be expensive but you don’t necessarily need to buy your own. Many venues have chairs you can borrow and the Tennis Foundation’s disability networks, (of which there are 40 across the country), have chairs for loan. There also grants available to help you purchase your own chair should you wish to.

Court hire cost can vary depending on the venue, however it is normally between £10 and £20 at peak times. And of course there are a number of park courts where you can play for free!

What equipment do I need?

Comfortable clothes and your day chair. Rackets and balls may be hired, or you might need to bring your own.