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This Girl Can Classes

What are This Girl Can Classes?

A group of women participate in a yoga, This Girl Can, class

Picture this...

A community of women getting active together in a safe space, giving judgement the finger and enjoying exercise in all its sweaty, jiggly glory.

Group exercise classes that are actually designed with beginners in mind. Classes where getting it wrong is totally alright.

A collective where everyone is welcome and where we help women to relieve stress, build confidence, connect with others and feel like they belong.

It’s not about reshaping bodies to fit with some unrealistic ideal. It’s about reshaping how women experience group exercise and empowering them to show up unapologetically as themselves, relatable bodies, sweat patches and all.

Now, picture This Girl Can Classes. Together, we’re bringing this vision to glorious, sweaty, active life.

We’re breaking down barriers and advocating for exercise to be enjoyed not endured. Smashing obstacles that get in the way of women getting into group exercise.

Offering women a (very) warm welcome to the world of group exercise and being pivotal in a long and happy life of moving however they damn well like.

We need your help to let women up and down the country know that exercise classes aren’t something to be feared and that these are classes that have been specifically designed with them in mind.

Where women who have never even contemplated a fitness class before can thrive.

It’s so simple to get started. We’ve done the hard work for you. With This Girl Can Classes you get banging playlists, simple choreography and a toolkit bursting with marketing resources.

All you need to do is plug in and play.

So far...

This Girl Can has inspired 2.9 million women to get active, but we're not done yet.

Running This Girl Can Classes is an opportunity to harness the power of this award-winning campaign, get amazing women through the door and make a real difference.

Be the reason that women show the fear of failure the finger and tell judgement to jog on. Be a (sweaty) hand to hold and watch women thrive.

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