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Make your summer move

Take the time to make time for yourself this summer while finding enjoyment in being active, in a way that works for you.

A woman pitches a softball during a game in a park

This summer we're encouraging women across the country, no matter the age, shape, size or ability to Make Your Summer Move!

We’ve explored the barriers hindering women taking part in sport and physical activity during summer months and found that almost half of women (45%) in the UK are worried about showing their body when getting active during the summer.

Fitness levels and self-esteem are other major factors for some women, with 48% reporting they're too unfit and two in five (40%) feeling not good enough.

Want some inspiration on how to get active this summer? Hear from women and girls across the country, just like you, who've shared their journey of getting active with us.

Top tips

We spoke to psychotherapist Cate Campbell, who has created some top tips to help women overcome the barriers they may face when getting active during the summer months:

Challenge your inner critic
If you feel too old, young, unfit, sweaty or anxious to exercise, ask yourself where those ideas come from?

We often soak up beliefs about our bodies from advertising, magazines and social media, which exist to sell products by making people feel they could be better versions of themselves.

We all come in different shapes and sizes, we are all different and many will overcome ideas about their bodies and right to exercise – you can too.
Get experimental
Treating your first experience of exercise as an experiment can help you take your first steps.

When you try an activity once, you might like it and try again until you have the confidence to participate regularly.
Fight the fear of judgement
Back in 2015, This Girl Can was founded on the fear of judgement – a common thread meaning so many fewer women than men were doing sport and physical activity.

Sadly, it still prevents so many women and girls from enjoying fun and healthy summer activities.

Often, we are our worst critics. Everyone participating in a sport or physical activity is far more interested in their own experience than they are in criticising everyone else.

Focus on what you want to get out of the activity and how you will feel once you’ve tried it, rather than the initial nervousness (and also know the nervousness is completely natural with anything new).

It’s likely you’ll have fun, make friends, feel fitter and end with a wonderful sense of achievement.

Whereas if you don’t try the activity, you could end up staying at home reinforcing your own self-doubt.
Move for you, and benefit those around you
If you’re one of the many women feeling guilty about prioritising yourself this summer, bear in mind you could have more energy and a better mood if you participate in an enjoyable activity that helps keep you fit and offers fun and friendship.

This important part of self-care will help you be the best version of you, meaning your family, friends and work will benefit, too.

This Girl Can With You

Check out organisations who are helping women get active outdoors, their way.

This Girl Can activewear

Need some activewear? We've launched an affordable activewear line in partnership with Tesco F&F to support women to Make Your Summer Move.

Read about it here and find out where you can get your hands on some This Girl Can activewear for your summer activity.

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Couch to Fitness

Complete beginner? No problem, we’ve got you covered.

Couch to Fitness is a free online exercise programme designed to help you start small and build up gradually. Each video has three instructors working at different energy levels, so there’s always a beginner option to follow.

Exercise at your own pace, no pressure, and don’t worry if you want to repeat or skip any of the workouts – you can do this as often as you like.

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A pregnant woman works out at home using an online class.
A group of women take part in an exercise class

This Girl Can Classes

This Girl Can Classes provide a welcoming beginner’s session where getting it wrong is totally alright. If you’ve got two left feet or have never done a push up in your life, then these classes are for you.

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