This Girl Can and Strava

Make Your Comeback

Strava and This Girl Can have teamed up to help you make your comeback to the activities you love.

Every now and then, we all need to step back from being active. It’s completely normal and part of everyone’s journey. And when life gets in the way and movement takes a back seat, stepping back out there can feel daunting. 

That’s why This Girl Can and Strava have teamed up to help you make your comeback to the activities that make you feel good.

Strava is the world’s leading platform for tracking physical activity and connecting people through the power of community. 

Through the partnership we want to show women it’s never too late to make your comeback and there’s no right or wrong way to be active. All you have to do is take that first step and you’ll be on your way.

We’ve launched the This Girl Can Club on Strava to create a space for women to lift each other up and shine a light on the moments of  joy that come with being active. Whether you’re just starting to get moving again or you’ve been active for a while, our community will help you hit your stride.

No matter how long it’s been, or where you’re starting from – right now is the perfect time to make your comeback.

And everyone loves a good comeback story. 

Sign up to Strava  and join the This Girl Can Club today.

New user guides

We’ve developed three easy-to-use guides to help you get the most out of Strava:

Get Started on Strava: If you’re just starting out on Strava, follow this simple guide to set yourself up for success

How to build your community on Strava: You’ll get more from Strava when you connect with others. Follow this simple guide to find out how.

How to use Strava’s safety tools: Find out how to use Strava’s safety tools, so you can stay in control of what you share and get active with peace of mind.

Get Inspired

Zeenat’s Comeback

Running helped Zeenat discover who they are, but a serious injury stopped them in their tracks. See how they’re making their comeback one step at a time.


The video shows footage of Zeenat in their home and local area, showing them running and then rehabilitating after facing an injury. The video has a voice over and begins with an atmospheric track, which then switches to upbeat music.

We open on footage of a person running.

Voiceover: When you go running it’s like you’re flying,

it’s like your feet aren’t even touching the ground.

Close up on Zeenat’s chest as they breathe heavily. And veins on wrist as they’re pumping. And a close up of Zeenat’s face smiling.

Voiceover: You can hear every part of your body.

You can hear your heartbeat

and you can hear your blood

and you can almost hear your hair growing.

We see photographs of Zeenat as a young child.

Voiceover: Coming from a conservative Pakistani Muslim family,

being gay was unheard of.

Present day Zeenat is jogging down the street and smiles.

Voiceover: Running helped me to eventually come out as trans, non-binary

and queer and I could just be free and be me.

Zeenat is lying down on the couch. They have a leg in a brace and a pair of crutches stand next to them. 

Voiceover: Suddenly I was completely immobilised.

Zeenat is stood up, balancing on crutches.

Voiceover: I knew I wasn’t going to be running for a long time.

We cut to a different shot, where Zeenat is helped up from the floor by their partner. We see Zeenat lift weights. We cut to another shot and see their partner is helping them walk down the street. Zeenat’s sister joins them, and they hug.  

Voiceover: To have my partner literally drop everything that week,

and both my little sisters be my big sister,

it allowed me to develop a healthy understanding of not just my identity,

but of what community was really about.

Zeenat is running again.

Voiceover: I won’t stop until I’m walking

and then I won’t stop until I’m jogging,

and then I won’t stop until I’m running.

Titles appear on screen:  

Make Your Comeback. 

Find your community.  

Join the This Girl Can club on Strava.  

This Girl Can and Strava. 


Amy’s Comeback

Amy took a break from her active routine when she became a mum. Missing the feeling of moving, she started her very own Buggy Bootcamp to connect with other mums and get active again. See how she’s making her comeback one step at a time.


The video shows footage of Amy and her baby at home and then in the park with other mums and babies. They are doing a workout together with the prams. The video has a voice over and begins with an atmospheric track, which then switches to upbeat music.

Amy is doing star jumps in a park. We see a photo of her with her two children. 

Voiceover: My daughter, she says stuff like ‘Keep going. Come on mummy, nearly there’.

We see Amy in her home dressing her younger baby. She smiles at the baby and picks it up. 

 Voiceover: Before I was pregnant, I was a personal trainer.

Amy is lying on a yoga mat. This Girl Can and Strava logos appear, followed by titles: Amy’s Comeback. 

Voiceover: It was always about how strong and how confident exercise made me feel.

We look upon an old photograph of Amy holding her daughter when she was a baby.  

Voiceover: Having my daughter was the most amazing experience, but there’s so much sacrifice in it.

 We then see Amy getting up from the yoga mat and cuddling her younger baby. 

Voiceover: I would quite often daydream about going to the gym and not having to rush home to breastfeed. I thought if I’m feeling like this, then surely other mums would be feeling like this.

She leaves home. She walks with her pram down the street to meet up in the park with other mums and babies. They stretch, do leg raises with the prams and chat as the babies look on.  

Voiceover: I wanted to create literally a bootcamp, like ok we’ve had our babies, let’s do this, let’s get to work.

We see Amy and the mums in convoy, doing synchronised lunges as they push their prams along the path.

Voiceover: We encourage each other, motivate. There’s never any judgement about taking a break or if someone has to breastfeed ‘cos we all get it.

We see Amy back in her home, doing sit ups with a determined look on her face. 

Voiceover: Doing buggy bootcamp and getting strong again, like, I really realised that I can do anything I put my mind to.

We then see titles: 
Make Your Comeback 

Find Your Community 

Join the This Girl Can club on Strava 


Annabel’s Comeback

Not finding her passion in any of the sports she tried, Annabel found the power of community when she joined a local football team. See how she’s making her comeback one step at a time.


The video shows footage of Annabel in her home and playing football on the pitch, rediscovering her love of the sport. The video has a voiceover and begins with an atmospheric track, which then switches to upbeat music.

We open on a shot of a woman standing alone in a vast football field. Strava and This Girl Can logos appear. Annabel smiles proudly and titles appear on screen: Annabel’s Comeback. 

Voiceover: My absolute favourite feeling is being out on the pitch.

For a second, you are the centre of the universe.

We see a school photo of Annabel. We then cut to Annabel at home on the sofa looking thoughtful, before she walks towards the hallway.  

Voiceover: At sixth form I went to a private school where I was basically the only person from a working-class background.

Voiceover: I got taken the mick out of quite a lot,

I just pulled away

and so by the time I got to university I didn’t play any sport at all.

A photo of Annabel with her brother is shown.

Voiceover: It was living with my brother that sparked my comeback.

He suggested that I go back to football.

Annabel is putting on her football gear and leaves home. We see her walking confidently through a field.  

Voiceover: I was so nervous – because I was like having flashbacks to being at sixth form.

She embraces her teammates.  

Voiceover: But you get there and they’re all so inclusive,

completely different ages, different backgrounds, different walks of life.

Annabel is playing football, we see different shots of her running or dribbling with the ball. Her brother and friend cheer her on.

Voiceover: Now this is exactly where I’m supposed to be,

it’s way more about the friends that I’ve made. We win together, we lose together.

It’s just given me so much confidence.

If you want something and you enjoy it, there’s nothing stopping you other than you.

Titles appear onscreen: 
Make Your Comeback. 

Find your community. 

Join the This Girl Can club on Strava. 

This Girl Can and Strava.