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I started last year with a breast cancer diagnosis and ended it with Covid. I found inner strength I never knew I had

2020 was tough for everyone, for me it was one of the toughest years of my life, a life changing year.

I started last year with a breast cancer diagnosis and ended it with Covid! And I had a few relationship challenges thrown in for good measure! 

But honestly I am grateful for 2020. I found the strength within me to deal with all these challenges which often felt unsurmountable, thanks to my family, friends and thanks to my faith in God. I had to cling on to my faith to get me through each day. It was an incredibly traumatic and challenging time. 

I had to deal with a lot of fear and anxiety of my illness and treatments plus other unfortunate stresses.

However, I found the strength to carry on and run my dance classes through it all. I choreographed during my radiation treatments, and even did a show two weeks after my operation! I just wanted to move forward everyday with positivity and keep going for my students during the lockdowns.

As a This Girl Can Essex ambassador, I’m writing my story as I feel it may help others going through similar challenging times, to give them hope. 

Why not before? Because I wanted to deal with it and get through it. I didn’t want to dwell on it and feel sorry for myself or have others feel sorry for me.

Why now? Because I don’t want to hide this life changing event, I don’t want to pretend it didn’t happen. 

It is part of me, it has made me a stronger person and taught me to appreciate the important things in life.

Most importantly, I appreciate even more, the value of health and happiness in my life. It was my fitness that helped me recover quicker and positivity that helped me cope. I found inner strength that i never knew I had, to cope, and to let go of things that were causing me undue stress. These are tough but invaluable life lessons.

So this really is a new year and a new me, even more motivated to helping others with passion, integrity and professionalism.