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"I used to think that I didn’t have the time to exercise. Now, I’m an active mum."

I first came down to St. Ives Hockey Club to watch my son, Charlie, play. He had been playing at school and his teacher said he was good and should try a club so we came down. He was really anxious and nervous when we were sitting in the car but once he had tried it, he loved it! I really enjoyed watching him and although I’m not very competitive, I found myself cheering him on from the side lines.

Because I know he is happy, it gives me some time to do something for me. Before, I used to think that I didn’t have the time to exercise but now I use that hour.

I’ve recently taken up running and absolutely love it. I put my headphones in (mostly musicals!) and off I go. This has definitely helped me to lose over 2.5 stone recently. I don’t know if I would have joined in the Hockey before I lost weight. I probably would have just sat on the side but I’ve changed my lifestyle. Now, I’m an active mum.

I didn’t have a chance to be nervous or worried as I wasn’t intending to get involved! Charlie was playing down one end and his coach came over, put a stick in my hand and told me to go and even up numbers in the Back to Hockey session. The last time I played was over 20 years ago at school. I remember I enjoyed it but it was on muddy grass and it was always so cold. We used to stuff magazines down our socks as we didn’t have shin pads, the game has definitely changed! The coach, Ness, is brilliant. She’s really friendly and really calm. The sessions are fun and interesting and there is always a new game or activity to try. I’ve really enjoyed doing something different, challenging and competitive!running

Me and Charlie had a laugh in the car after the first session because I screamed at the ball every time it came near me! I still am doing that but not as much. I think Charlie was quite chuffed after the first week. He thought it was really good that I was getting involved. We have Hockey in common now. I’m the only girl in my house with 2 boys and a husband. I have found that I have to join in with things or I get left out. I know a lot about Star Wars and I know a lot of fortnight dances!

I’d like to carry on with the training. I’m studying at the moment and think it’ll be hard to commit to anything else at the moment but who knows, maybe when I’ve finished my course, if I’m any good, then I could play games!