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Taking up running has done a lot for my confidence, wellbeing and my peace of mind.

My sport of choice at the moment has to be running. I got into running purely by accident, I was asked by Race for life, to be one of their ambassador bloggers over at Not wanting to fail at the 5K I had signed up to, so I got myself in a routine running and it was good for my wellbeing.

I have been running now since April I did have a love hate relationship with exercise, sport and running due to my Asthma. I’ve face a lot of personal challenges when it comes to running. I’ve suffered from severe asthma since I was a baby. I would wake up with Asthma attacks so the thought of walking was scary let alone breaking into a sweat while running. Being heavily over weight in the past was a big stumbling block for the confidence and getting on that treadmill for the first time.

Taking up running has done a lot for my confidence, wellbeing and my peace of mind. Being a freelancer it has also giving me the chance to escape my desk. I now no longer panic that I might have an asthma attack, I now take it in my stride. It’s been great for pushing myself that little bit extra and to see the results on my body. Allowing me to have more confidence when I look in the mirror.

I would say to anyone wanting to run or get involved with sport to not over think, I thought everyone at the gym would laugh at me or stare but no one genuinely cares what you look like. Embrace your decision and enjoy what you want to do. Get sweaty, work hard and feel amazing. set yourself goals even if they’re small just stay strong and don’t let that little voice in your head stop you.

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