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"I have always found it really tricky to fit exercise into my schedule."

I have always found it really tricky to fit exercise into my schedule.

Working full-time as a nanny not only means that I struggle to find the time to be active but have found gym memberships or fitness classes far too expensive.

I needed to find a form of exercise that worked for me, especially as I was working with children. I had to keep up with the kids whilst they ran around in the playground!

I always used to enjoy hula hooping when I was at school, so decided to buy a hula hoop from a charity shop. This really helped me rediscover my love for exercise and now I use my hula hoop whenever I can.

Hula hooping is great because I can work out at home whenever I’ve got a spare few minutes, fitting exercise easily around my work schedule and social life.

Being active is really important to me, not to mention the physical and mental advantages that it brings to my day-to-day life. If I can manage to fit exercise into my day it not only results in a more positive day, but it also puts me in a healthy, more positive frame of mind.

My advice to other women would be to try and find something that works for you and your life. There are so many different options of exercise out there, that you can find something that works around your schedule. For example, I  always try do squats whilst I am cooking for the kids I nanny.

It’s a matter of slotting it into your existing life, not changing your life to accommodate being active.

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