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"A law student and single mum, I didn't have much time that I could really call my own."

Scrolling through my Instagram, as a law student and single mum, I didn’t have much time that I could really call my own. The London Girls Surf Club appealed to me, the short break to the Devon coastline called to my spirit; offering that freedom and serendipity, not often afforded to young mums, or city-bound professionals.

On a whim I booked it.

I was worried about going, as I literally hadn’t done anything else in my twenties which had been purely for me. My life before that had been wrapped up heavily in my son’s father, and then raising a child on my own, so it seemed like that kind of me time, that you kind of expect when you’re young, and free, had escaped me, and I wanted it now.

Signing up afforded me the possibility of making new friends; crossing the country; young, free, and alone, but also vastly independent and supported in a community of girls.

As we approached the waves on our first day, I realised that we were actually going to have to go in the water! This was not just some random freedom fest… some insta-glamorous spectacle… we were actually going to have to go in the water… in the English sea!

It felt cold. And insane. But we persevered. And, though I never quite got used to the feeling that I was literally being slapped in the face and assaulted by waves, we succeeded! All of us were standing up on the boards, at some point!

Being knocked over and into your board was not fun. But you know what was fun… getting up on our boards.

The thrill of achievement, and of getting up on our boards and mastering some waves; was exciting and exhilarating to say the least.

I will never forget my girls and the spirit of adventure and comradery which lives on. I will be taking many more adventures; surfing or otherwise, for myself and my son; the spirit of adventure lives on.

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