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The further into lockdown we got, my overall life routine was disrupted and I was hardly working out. But now I think I've found a balance

At the beginning of lockdown, I was very disciplined and stuck to a workout routine to try and keep things normal and myself sane. There were so many online Instagram Live workouts from so many different studios, my days were jam-packed as it was exciting to try all the classes from studios which had been on my to-try list. Without any commute, I could take back to back classes, it was great. 

The further into lockdown we got, though, my overall life routine was disrupted and I was hardly working out.

But now I think I have found a balance that works for me. I went from overexerting myself at the start of lockdown, to hardly working out to being back to a steady routine. I know what I like now. I prefer zoom classes where you can see other people, and if I follow along with a pre-recorded class, I prefer it to have a group instead of just a solo teacher. I find this recreates a class for me, which really helps me to stay motivated and focused. 

I still take a few HIIT classes, but I find if exercises stray too far away from the mat then I can lose motivation halfway through the class, as I spend time trying to create space to perform the exercises.

Yoga has been my go-to as the space on your mat is all you really need, so I can get through a class uninterrupted. 

I prefer exercising in the mornings, but I’m finding my sleeping pattern is being disrupted, meaning I’m now doing more workouts in the evening. This can be a struggle when relying on self-motivation. As soon as I get my sleep routine back on track, I’ll definitely be back to my morning workouts outside as the weather is nice. 

Before lockdown, I would often do yoga at home in the evenings but they were more wind-down sessions. Once this is over I will go back to doing slower-paced classes in the evening to help me relax, but I really can’t wait to get back into a real-life class .