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Back on a bike after 10 years and feel better than ever.

My husband is a keen cyclist and has been for some time. I’d always liked the idea of riding a bike, but riding with him wasn’t something I’d consider as he’s really good! Then one day I had a message from the wife of one of his cycling friends, she’d just got a bike and was looking for someone to ride with. She asked if I was interested, I told her I was. I got myself a bike and we started riding together. It’s now been 5 months since I started road cycling!The biggest challenge initially was fear. I’d not ridden a bike in over 10 years so just getting on and staying upright was a daunting prospect. Then dealing with the inevitable sore bum you get from being in the saddle (padded shorts work wonders) and finally the mental hurdle of realising that actually, I CAN do it.Since starting it’s made a difference to my life in so many ways. Day to day is quite busy, I work full time, have two young children and volunteer as a leader with the Scout Association. Cycling is something for me, it’s my time away from everything to just enjoy the peace and space. I’ve made so many new friends, we all really enjoy riding together and the support you get from team mates can make such a difference. Also I massively underestimated how awesome getting fit can make you feel, I sleep better, feel better, have more energy and have lost some weight. WIN!

If anyone was considering taking up road cycling I have two words: DO IT! The rewards and sense of achievement I get from cycling is much more than I anticipated. Nothing beats getting to the top of the challenging hill and knowing that it was your legs that got you there. It makes me feel like I can achieve anything!