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"I was worried that I wouldn’t be fit or strong enough to join a proper team."

My initial perception, and that of most others, is that Tug of War is for big burley men, who exist on an athletic diet of porridge and full cooked breakfasts. But we all couldn’t be more wrong!

After being persuaded to join a local team by my brother I soon discovered that Tug of War is for everyone and there is more to it than the uncoordinated and treacherous attempts usually seen at children’s sports days and corporate team building events.

I was worried that I wouldn’t be fit or strong enough to join a proper team and would just be hanging on to the end of the rope as I had done during sports days at school. But after a few tries you start to refine the technique required to be competitive.

My first attempts did not go without landing on my bottom a few times but on a night when the grass is wet and muddy it sure makes you try harder to get it right! Be sure to take a change of clothes for the drive home!

My first competitive competition was brilliant, all the girls were new to the sport but we had worked hard and all pulled together (excuse the pun) when it was needed and we won! I found a fire in me that I didn’t know I had. I had always tried hard in sport but it surprised me and scared others the determination I showed to take the other team over the line.

I would encourage anyone to give Tug of War a try. It is a full body workout, full of determination and power. It sounds like a cliché but it demonstrates you are stronger than you know both mentally and physically.