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"Surfing was never really something I thought my body was capable of doing."

Surfing was never really something I thought my body was capable of doing. I’m a relatively active person and do some kind of sports or exercise every day of the week. From yoga to kickboxing, climbing to lifting weights, I’ve always felt my body was adaptable… but for some reason, not made for surfing.

Then, last year I suffered the worst spell of poor mental health in my 27 years. I was put on medication and entered into therapy. By winter, I was coming out of months of depression with the want and will to push and try new things.

I’d followed the London Girl Surf Club for some time at this point and decided to enquire with Kylie on the required ability level for the trips. On hearing that the Trips were suitable for complete beginners, I eventually booked myself a place on the four-day trip to Devon. As I told my friends and family what I had done they asked, ‘oh have you surfed before?’ … ‘no’, ‘oh are you going with friends’… ‘no’. I did start to wonder what I’d signed myself up for!

On my first day (and second… and third!) I was terrible! Having never carried a surfboard before let alone attempted to stand on one I must say it certainly wasn’t my forte! Being someone who is usually sportingly able it was frustrating at times (how many time is it possible to not stand on a board you ask… about a million) but probably the most fun I’ve had learning a new skill in years. To add to the experience, the girls I was surfing with were amazing.

It was so refreshing to spend time with a bunch of super cool, like-minded women who, like me, enjoyed a taste of the unknown and wanted to get thrown around in the sea for a long weekend.

I really don’t think I would have booked on a trip if it wasn’t for the LGSC. On meeting their team and the girls on the trip I was immediately at ease. I couldn’t recommend learning to surf more! Nothing makes you feel quite as alive as a lung full of sea water and laughing for hours with new found friends. We’re all looking to go away together for another weekend and hopefully, I’ll be better this time!

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