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"I was always having fun and that was all I cared about."

I’ve been playing squash for seven years now ever since the age of 6. I was in my second year of primary school and one of my best friends had told me about this new sport that she’d started playing, squash, along with her brother and sister, so the next week I joined them.

At 6 years old I found this rather intimidating as I was surrounded by loads of boys, most of whom were a few years older than me. However, I stepped on court and it’s been pretty hard to get me off since!

I have never looked back and after my first session was never worried about going onto court or being the only girl on court as I was always having fun and that was all I cared about.

During these seven years I have entered loads of competitions to obtain points for the squash rankings we have in England. My competitiveness drives me in tournaments and wanting to do the best I can possibly do really boosts my confidence. A highlight playing tournaments for me would be how many amazing friends I’ve met that I always look forward to seeing and playing every time I go.

A struggle in squash for me, as of recently, is sport-induced asthma. I’ve always found it tricky to get my breath back in games and it used to put me off. I actually thought about stopping and even tried that after losing all of my matches in a competition last year. I hated the idea but also hated not being able to do my best on court, but I just couldn’t stay away. Every time I stopped it just made me want to come back more and prove that it wasn’t going to stop me from doing my favourite thing in the world.

Squash is such a great sport to play as it is great exercise and can be very rewarding in that aspect, you can run around and up the intensity or you can just have a gentler hitting session with one of your friends for fun! Nothing should stop you from playing squash; any worries you have will soon disappear as you hit the ball for the first time.

One of my favourite playing partners is my sister Amy who is 28 and has Down Syndrome. To get a different insight into squash I came up with a couple of questions about some of her favourite things about the sport.

I asked Amy what her favourite things about squash were and the main thing I got back was how exciting she finds the sport. She enjoys it and that’s a hard thing to find for her with sport. Since Amy has never been a sporty person but still does swimming I asked her why she preferred squash. She told me that she felt like she was doing more exercise in squash as she had to run around to hit the ball! Finally, I asked her who inspired her to play squash and she answered with her favourite player, Nick Matthew!