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"I decided I’d had enough of sitting and watching — I wanted to give it a try!"

As a mum, I spent loads of time dropping the kids off at Taekwondo training and watching them train. When my youngest was old enough to move up from the children’s class, I decided I’d had enough of sitting and watching — I wanted to give it a try!

At nearly 40, it was a scary thing to do, but, once I’d taken the first step, there was no turning back.

I’ve now been training for about 3 years. No longer am I mum’s taxi, or merely a spectator — I’m training alongside my husband and two children. It’s not just the training that I love, but the friendships and social events that go along with being a member of a club are great too.

However, it’s not been an easy journey. Fitting in training with all the demands of working full time and having a family can be difficult — as can training alongside people younger than me! But, training has helped me to combat stress and it feels great to take part in an activity which rewards personal achievement — us mums don’t often get the chance to do that! I’ve passed all my grading and I’m working towards a black belt, which I’m hoping to take next year.

Recently, I took part in my third competition, the PUMA International Open Taekwondo championships, where I won my third gold medal — I was ecstatic! I have achieved things I never thought possible.

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