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Running is vital for my mental health and so I prioritise it.

I was an unfit teen – overweight and lacking in self-confidence. Frequently coming last in school cross country events and never picked for team sports, I was under the impression that sport and fitness wasn’t for me. I used to binge and comfort eat as a way of hiding my sadness during my mid-late teenage years. I struggled with feelings of isolation and self-loathing, together with a crippling body image. 


I first began tentatively jog/walking aged 17 when a boyfriend dumped me. That helped me to lose some weight and sowed the seed of realising that being physically active made me feel better about myself. This grew over the years, and I picked up running again seriously when I set myself the goal to run my first ever marathon during my pregnancy in 2010.

I ran the London Marathon in 2011 when my daughter was 7 months old

I have a routine which works for me and which I stick to. I run in the mornings after dropping my daughter at school; earlier on weekends when I like to have completed my run so that I can spend time with my family. 


I have 2 x rest days a week and do yoga / body balance to complement my running and give my body chance to recover. My family know how committed I am to running and they support me with my training – giving me the time at weekends to set off early for a long run and sometimes picking me up from an end point! 

Running is vital for my mental health and so I prioritise it.

I have more energy and think more clearly afterwards, so this is when I do my work – writing books! Plus, it helps to run early in the morning, so I have the rest of the day to do other things.