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"I wanted to push myself and try new things."

Who hasn’t been through tough times and needed a release in life? Something that’s different, and out of your comfort zone? That’s what I was looking for when I decided to contact Callum J Barney to try out becoming part of the Team CJB Strong group.

I had been training with a personal trainer for around 2 years and had loved every minute but wanted to push myself and try new things. So, one morning I struck up the courage to message him and knew in that moment I had made the right choice to get into powerlifting.

I met up with Callum and he was supportive and not at all like I had imagined. You see all these big burly men, with huge egos, raging muscles and pulsing veins that look like they might pop at any moment. But he was different. Like any other person in the gym, he was there to do something for himself and to inspire others.

I am a full time working woman with lots of hobbies and activities that I try and squeeze in what little time I have. So, the challenge of being disciplined and learning a whole new sport, half excited me and half scared me to death.

But, the idea I wasn’t alone and had a team to pick me up if I tripped was always a huge appeal. Although having a supportive family and friends be behind me in all aspects of my life, they can never really understand or relate to both the physical or mental side of what powerlifting entails. The idea of almost creating another ‘family’ who I can relate and bond with over something is 100% what Team CJB Strong offered me.

During the first month of training I had my ups and downs. Having an amazing day lifting weights I never thought I could to a day where everything was heavy, and I wanted to give up. But the support and motivation I was given by everyone around me pushed me to go further. Being someone who isn’t huge and bulky and doesn’t have raging muscles was what put me off the sport at first. But now it’s the fuel to my fire. I can be girly, hair done, full faced makeup, fun loving girl who just lifts big weights.

Anyone who ever asks me why or if I would get others into powerlifting, I only ever have one answer. ABSOLUTELY! It’s given me mental and physical strength. Its taught me that I don’t need to be perfect to achieve great things. I have love and support from the whole powerlifting community and I have also made some of the best friends and an amazing coach who are by my side every step of my ongoing journey.