Your Stories

I am an awesome swimmer.

My mum taught me how to swim when I was a baby – she started taking me to classes when I was just six months old. My mum and I always did lots of tricks in the water, and we love to challenge each other!

I love that in the #ThisGirlCan film I’m completely free in the water. I feel weightless and can do handstands, tumble turns and lots of other tricks. I can swim really fast and it gives me a rush. I can swim as well or better than other children my age who don’t have a disability. I am not afraid in the water, I can do anything. Since #ThisGirlCan launched, I even taught my older sister Natasha how to do the front crawl!

I am proud that I can swim better than my mum. My mum is a very good swimmer, but she can’t do as many strokes as me and she is not so good at synchronised swimming.

Recently I’ve tried other sports besides swimming. I have been doing a lot of climbing recently but I also ski and do trampolining. I am getting better at riding my bike. My mum makes me ride a few miles!