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"I knew it was up to me to change something."

A few years ago I was told I was officially in the menopause and coupled with the onset of anxiety, depression and a general lack of self confidence, I reached a low point last Christmas.

I had put weight on, I was eating all the wrong foods and I was seriously lacking in energy. Quite honestly, I felt old, like my life was withering away. I knew it was up to me to change something, or this decline would carry on and I would become ill.

As luck would have it, I won a competition for complementary membership for my local David Lloyd Club. I took this as a sign that this was my chance to change my body, my fitness and my life.

There would be no more lounging on the sofa every night, eating crisps and chocolate. There would be no more getting out of breath as I climbed a hill while walking my dog.

I have to say, it wasn’t easy joining the Club. Before I went for my visit I was so anxious due to a severe lack of confidence. I believed that these large gyms would be full of young, trim health fanatics who would make me feel even worse about myself. How wrong I was!

The staff, trainers and other Club members made me feel SO welcome that I felt at home almost immediately.

I quickly realised no one was looking at me or laughing at my current fitness state. In fact, it was just the opposite. Everyone wanted to help me feel comfortable and to achieve my goals. I had a personal training session on my first visit and I felt truly inspired when I had finished.

I realised, it didn’t matter that I was over fifty and hadn’t been to a gym for years. I had a goal now and I was confident I could achieve it if I put the effort in. I talked to people of all ages and backgrounds and everyone had a similar goal – to get fit and healthy so as to improve their overall quality of life.

And so. Look at me now! I cannot believe the transformation. I am SO much healthier and toned and best of all I have regained my confidence and self esteem. I take part in Zumba and Yoga classes three times a week, I swim, I go to the gym every other night and I am back playing tennis.

To any woman out there over fifty who may be struggling with a lack of fitness, then why not give it a go? Go look at your local gym with an open mind and dedicate some time to improving your fitness. I promise you, you will feel wonderful for doing something positive for yourself. This is your body and your life. Try and make it the best you can, so you can live your best life for a long time to come.