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It's no longer a matter of fitting it in, exercise is a vital part of my day.

I used to exercise in classes and at the gym but fell into the well known trap of paying for membership but not regularly attending.

I realised I was giving myself so many excuses, weather, journey length, how busy it was. I needed to do something which rid me of these excuses, but I was worried that if I was left to motivate and do my own thing, it would end very quickly. I relied on group classes to show me what I needed to do and keep me motivated. I was worried that I would not commit to my fitness journey if I didn’t have a gym to go to.

Now, I exercise at home. I follow workout programs which have schedules and nutrition guides. I also do workouts which just need my body weight and enough space for me to get around.

Most of the programs I have done only have 30 min workouts (max). One I am currently doing is only 20 mins a day. I workout for shorter periods, 6 days a week.

For me to do this I get up in the morning (if I hit snooze, game over) take my pre workout energy drink, stay on my feet while it kicks in then press play. 20-30 mins later, I’m sweaty and ready for the rest of my day.

It was a tough slog to get into the habit of this, but I had to commit to getting up and doing it.

It’s no longer a matter of fitting it in, exercise is a vital part of my day.

It gives me clarity and the boost in confidence I need to be the best person for my job, friends, partner, family, dog, everything. It’s become such an important part of my life, it is now my business.


Here are a few exercises I done to build my strength and stamina at home:


At first I stepped into a burpee rather than jumped and used a chair to elevate my torso)

Power jumps

Pull in that core jump as high as I can and lift those knees to my chest – at first I went from squat to one knee up, keep on foot on the ground.

High knee jog

I alternate wide and narrow stances to increase my heart rate and work different muscles. I started off with stepping and concentrating on getting my knees as high as I could.

Standard push ups and tricep push ups

I started on a chair, went to my knees and now on the toes


Doing these in 30 sec – 1 min intervals and for 3 rounds helped me to add the element of HIIT, doing a light jog in between, and made it easy to fit into my day.

Mindset is a massive factor in my commitment to exercise. Most of all I tell myself positive things like ‘this is tough but you are strong’, ‘take a second to breath, but don’t quit’ and ‘failure is where I get better’.

If you’ve been inspired by Tracey’s story, take a look at some more exercises you can do at home.