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This Girl Can Classes

Introducing a new chapter in our This Girl Can Classes journey

A group of women dance in an exercise class

This Girl Can Classes, created by EMD UK in 2021 in partnership with This Girl Can, were designed with the needs and concerns of less-active women in mind.

From talking to different women and reviewing extensive research, the classes were created to introduce women to five group exercise styles in a non-judgemental environment.  

Hundreds of instructors trained as This Girl Can Classes instructors and we saw classes being delivered in community halls, leisure centres, and gyms across the country.  

While This Girl Can Classes focused on introducing women to five group exercise styles, we are now broadening our work and focus to create tools and resources that will be applicable to any class style. 

So, as of 1 April 2024, This Girl Can Classes no longer exists as a brand. But the work continues. 

Using new insight from both women and group exercise instructors, the new resources will help even more instructors open up opportunities for more women, across more of England, with the aim of providing even more welcoming, encouraging and safe spaces for women like you to enjoy group exercise.  

We will continue to help instructors, help you.

If you previously attended a class

EMD have been working with This Girl Can Classes instructors on options to help their classes continue without the This Girl Can Classes branding. If you were previously attending a This Girl Can Class that you wanted to continue, talk to your instructor about their plans for the class from April onwards, and discuss options that suit your needs. 

If you think group exercise is for you but you're not sure where to start

That’s fantastic news! While This Girl Can Classes ended from 1 April, there are many ways for you to find a class in your area. These include:   

  • Googling "beginner-friendly classes" along with your location to discover nearby options.
  • Joining the local community Facebook groups and searching for recommended classes or asking for suggestions.
  • Checking out the noticeboard in places like your local grocery shop, community hall, church, library, or post office for class advertisements. 
  • Asking your local family and friends for recommendations on beginner-friendly exercise classes in the area.

Need some more motivation?

Check out our honest stories from women who took the leap and started their fitness journey despite their fears with our top tips for easing yourself in or our uplifting community stories from women who are getting active around their busy lives. 

And always feel free to comment on any of the This Girl Can social media channels or Strava group to get involved in the conversations too. 

A group of women take part in a yoga class in a studio

What’s next for the new EMD UK and This Girl Can project?

The new approach, which will be co-designed with group exercise instructors and sector partners, will launch later in 2024.